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Systom Feature
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Intelligent Lift and Group Control System
Utilizing the latest semiconductor technique, the team design the intelligent lift and group control systems with multiple 32-bit microprocessors. Integrated with latest LCD color operation panel, Sernta Elevator products provide customers the most steady lift safety, the most comfortable and swiftest trip experience, the minimum waiting time, and the maximum energy efficiency.

Customization Design Provision
The provision of the customized product plan and design is the competiveness of Sernta. The customers could choose any decoration and material design accordingly with specialized design pattern and drawings provided by the team to ensure all the best product quality and pre-sale and after-sales service.

High-Performance Safety Light Curtain Design
Incorporated with high-end safety light curtain design, Sernta always consider the users' safety as the first priority. The light curtain could continuously proceed the detection from different angles in protecting the people and the goods.

Energy Efficiency Increase and Re-Utilization
With the technique development, a variety of applied technologies, which could enhance the energy efficiency, are extensively used in current lift products, such as permanent synchronous motor, various voltage various frequency(VVVF) inverter, intelligent control system, LED lighting equipment, power regenerative device, and etc. Sernta provides various advanced green energy products to fulfill the energy saving demand of customers.

Integration Design of Technology and Humanity
The new-generation LCD color indicator provides the user a variety of the real-time lift status with colorful and dynamic display, including the heading direction, arriving floor, loading status, error message and service phone number, emergent fire or earthquake information, and etc. Built in enlarged push or touch buttons, the special operation panel design would offer the passengers the fresh lift experience.