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System Feature
System Feature
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System Feature
Intelligent Elevator Control and Group Control System
In use the latest semiconductor technology and the 32-bit microprocessor, the intelligent elevator control system and grouping control system are developed with newly-launched color and mono color LCD operation panel to provide the most reliable safety protection, the most comfortable taking experience, the least waiting time, and the maximum utilization efficiency of energy.

Integration of Technology and Humanity
The specialized design of user friendly interface would provide the whole new user experience with various convenient and considerable conceptions not only for the professional technicians doing the installation or maintenance but also for the passengers taking the elevators.

Safety Priority with Multi-Level Protection
The system is developed in conforming to the safety regulation of EN-81 and GB7588 with multi-level safety detection and protection to provide the user and owner the best safety reliability.

Flexible Customization Design
The conception of flexible customization is already implemented in the system. Only by on-site parameter adjustment, the various design demand could be fulfilled without much effort.

Special Feature
Hardware Safety Protection Design
While the safety mechanism activating, it would minimize the response time and eliminate the software factors in providing most excellent safety protection.

Signal Isolated Design
The design would cancel the exterior noise interference to insure the system operation accuracy.

Latest Electrical Technology
Utilize the latest 32-bit microprocessor with the characteristics of excellent performance, fast operation speed, low energy consumption, and high stability in providing the users more green, safer lift system.

Intelligent Program Design
A more user-friendly operating interface and the implement of the intelligent lift operation bring the whole new user experience for both elevator taking and system maintenance.

System Operation Status Monitoring
The control system could monitor the complete real-time elevator status in the prevention of safety alarm by the detection of the system peripheral devices, lift dynamic speed, ambient temperature of control panel, and etc.

Auto-Revision of Extraordinary Data
The design of data error checking and correcting would enhance the accuracy of data communication and parameter reloading in ensuring the elevator normal operation.

Comprehensive Operation Record
The system would record complete lift travel and error status history, including mileage, operation frequency, and over hundred thousand error data in providing more complete elevator information.

System Structure