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Elevator Control Board
Elevator Control Board
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C32 Control Board

C32 Elevator Control Board 
Product Feature
◎ 32-bit Core Microprocessor
◎ Isolated Design
◎ High-Speed Communication Interface
◎ User-Friendly LCD Operation Display 
◎ In Conformity with EN-81 and GB7588

Function Description
◎ Fit in Machine/Machine Roomless Passenger
, Freight, Hospital, and Home Elevators
◎ Max. Stops: 64
◎ Max. Speed: 6 m/s (360m/min)
◎ Entrance: 2
◎ Direct Union Control with another Elevator
◎ Support 3~8 Grouping Control System
◎ Support Remote and Local Monitor Function
◎ Operation History and 100,000 Error Record


        C32-C                                                                                  C32-B

Screen example

Control Board

GDS-A Group Control Board
Function Description
◎Support 3~8 Elevator Group Control Management 
◎Various Intelligent Group Control Mode Settings
◎Dynamic Elevator Operation Distribution in Accordance with Real-Time Elevator Status Change

CCB Car Control Device
Function Description
◎ Provide Car Peripheral Function such as Fan, Light
, Arriving Gong, Buzzer, Door Driver, and etc.
◎ Switch Input of Empty, Full Load, and Overload
◎ Support Two Entrance Design 
◎ Wiring Integration of Hoistway 
◎ Emergency Power Supply and Control 
◎ Input of Safety Edge, Light Curtain, and Photoelectric Cell


EKB-A Handheld Elevator Keyboard
Function Description
◎ Read Elevator Status
◎ Read and Write the Parameters of Elevator Control System
◎ 25 Key Design, Easy to Operate

COP-A Button Board
Function Description
◎Button Input and Registering Funciton
◎Each Supports Max. 32 Button Input

COP-B Button Board
Function Description
◎Button Input and Registering Funciton
◎Each Supports Max. 8 Button Input

SCB-A Safety Relay Board
Function Description
◎Provide the Safety Protection while Excuting Re-Leveling Function 
◎Provide the Safety Protection while Excuting Door-Advanced-Opening

CTR-A Communication Transferring Board
Function Description
◎Button Input and Registering Funciton 
◎Each Supports Max. 8 Button Input

IOE-A Data Conversion Board for Display
Function Description
◎Support Parallel Signal Input Display, including 7 Segment, Binary Code, Decimal Code, BCD Code, Grey Code, and etc

IOE-B Data Conversion Board for Button
Function Description
◎Support 12-Stop Car and Hall Call Button Parallel Input
◎Support Serial Connection Extension

Control System

Elevator Control Cabinet for VVVF system

             ◎ Machine Room Control Cabinet                                          ◎ Machine Roomless Control Panel


System Specification
Support Lift Type Passenger lift , Freight lift , hospital lift , Home lift
Applicable Range Machine Room/Roomless
Max.Stop 64 stop
Max.Speed 6m/s (360m/min)
Control Core 32-bit Microprocessor
Entrance 2
Group Control 8
Monitor Support Local and Remote
Operation Temperature 0~50 C
Inverter Comfort to different inverters and door divers
Traction Machine Applicable to PM/IM
Safety Regulation In Conformity with EN-81 and GB7588
Power Supply
Main Driving Power Single-phase/three-phase 220V/380V/415V/440V
Control system Input AC 110V * 1 / AC 18V *2
Door Operator Power 110V/220V(As Required)
Building Power
(for Light,Ventilation)
110V/220V(As Required)
Safety and Door Circuit AC 110V
Electromagnetic Brake DC 110V
Communication Interface Power DC 24V
Peripheral Device Power Supply (Photo Sensors , Arrival Gong , Buzzer) DC 24V
Encoder Power Supply DC 12V (Regular)
DC 5V (Line Driver type)
Emergency Power Supply DC 6V/DC 12V (As Required)
System Electrical Specification
Communication Interface RS-485/CAN Bus/UART
Operation Inerface LCD English Operation Interface
Control Input 40 Input Contact (Applicable to Relay Contact/NPN/PNP, Customized Setting for N.O. and N.C. Settings)
Control Panel Output Contact 16 Output in Relay(Dry) Contacts