Sernta Elevator Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manafacturer of Elevator, Lift .
Ideal & Orientation

In line with the management maxims of professional, efficiency, perfect quality, and innovation service, Sernta provide customers the finest products and the most excellent service. "The innovation service, the perfect pursuing" is the company quality policy. The corporation provides customers the safest, most comfortable, most convenient, most economic products and service.

The elevator industry is a specialized, scientific & technologic, and modernized industry. It integrates the knowledge of the architecture, mechanism, electrical engineering, and others professional fields. The industry is about a technologic vertical transportation system and the extension of human's demand for going upward and downward. It is not only a perfect mechanical and electrical engineering integration system but also the perfect combination of the architecture and technology. With the professional team and scientific management, Sernta Elevator provides the people the elevator products and after-sales service with not only the best but also the perfect pursuing.