Sernta Elevator Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manafacturer of Elevator, Lift .

We are young and energetic; we face and solve the present day competition by new thought. Our teams need the person positive, optimistic and not fear to challenge. We search for the talented person by the idea of searching job partner. If you would like to look for a place to bring your talent into full play, welcome to join us!

Company Welfare
1.Company employment system all according to the labor laws, like the labor contract, leave regulations, annual leave, fringe benefits, enjoys the labor insurance, health insurance, group accidental insurance and etc.

2.Company follows out the ISO 9001 management system, every department performs its own functions and arranges the related training course in accordance to its various needed skill. (include on-site and outside training)

3.Company provides first year full allowance and counseling to pass examination for related licenses. After obtained the license, besides enjoy the license allowance, also can get the opportunity for promotion and salary increased.

4.Company has its own merit system, all staffs enjoy the achievement bonus and the three festival bonus. The on-duty personnel enjoy the on-duty allowance and repair bonus. 

5.Company has dinner gathering once a half year, and company welfare committee will held the company trip once a year. 

6.Company has the elastically and unimpeded environment to be transferred and promoted (unlike big company easy to cling to old system). As long as you have the mind and the ability to do the job well, company must entrust with important responsibility. 

7.The division and department in our company always co-operate with each other, so we got the chance to learn from each division, provided the training to become the management.